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Our Guide to the Best Swimming Spots

Our Guide to the Best Swimming at CABINSCAPE

Looking to cool off and relax by the water? Dive into Cabinscape’s serene swimming spots across Ontario.

Whether you’re seeking a private lake retreat or a backcountry adventure, our cabins offer the perfect getaway for aquatic enthusiasts

Private Paradise at Kawartha

Located in Kirkfield, our Kawartha location features a private, pristine lake which was once the site of a limestone quarry. Our five lakefront cabins—Goldenrod, Hawkweed, Woodrush, Burdock, and Stonecrop—each boast their own private dock to enjoy endless hours of swimming.

Guests staying at our meadow cabins on site —Bluebell, Buttercup, Marigold and Callalily, as well as our tents–Cicely, Cress, Stargrass, Sorrel, Yarrow and Senna can enjoy the lake from our large communal dock area, complete with in-water hammock. Just a 5-minute walk to the dock!

Paddleboard and canoe rentals are available for guests to explore the open waters. With no motorized boats or fishing allowed, it’s an ideal escape for those seeking peace and quiet amidst untouched natural beauty.

Family-Friendly Fun in Haliburton

Bone and Baylight cabins in Haliburton are our fan favorites for a reason—they offer fantastic swimming spots right off the dock, perfect for families of all ages. Unwind on the dock and take in the peaceful surroundings. Whether you’re dipping into the lake or enjoying a leisurely paddle, these are “bucket list” cabins for the swimming enthusiast.

For those seeking a more secluded swimming experience, our high-remote lakefront cabins are perfect. Situated on a private lake, Quasi, Cove, Kaya, Willow, and Big Rock cabins are nestled deep in nature, providing a tranquil and serene atmosphere. If you’re a swimming enthusiast looking for a secluded and serene escape, these cabins are a must-visit.

Wild Lake Adventure at Mason, Mica & Rhya

For an authentic backcountry experience with excellent swimming options, Mason, Mica, and Rhya cabins are ideal. These remote locations are located on the waterfront of wild lakes. For clear swimming, use the provided canoe to paddle to your own private off-shore swimming dock. The perfect way to immerse yourself in the serenity of nature and enjoy a refreshing swim in a natural environment.

Beach Days in Calabogie

Our Calabogie cabins—Wren, Starling, and Finch—are situated on the forested grounds of Calabogie Peaks Resort. While these cabins don’t have direct access to the lake, they are just a short distance from the public beach. Head down the road to enjoy a day by the water, where you can swim, sunbathe, and relax on the sandy shores. It’s the perfect spot to cool off and enjoy the sunshine.

Explore these exceptional swimming spots and more with Cabinscape’s waterfront cabins, where relaxation meets natural beauty

Book now and get ready to dive into adventure

Blog written by Rachel Naish

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Discover Our Best Fishing Spots

Our Guide to The Best Fishing at CABINSCAPE

Get ready to unwind and reel in some big ones at CABINSCAPE’s top fishing hideouts.

Whether you’re into trout in Haliburton or chasing northern pike in Lanark, our cabins are your ticket to a laid-back fishing getaway. Pack your gear and let’s dive in!

Fishing Fun in Haliburton

Located on Duck & Dog Lake, Big Rock, Kaya, Cove, Willow & Quasi cabins are fan-favourites for fishing. You’ll find plenty of trout and bass here, just waiting to be caught. Haliburton Forest (a nature preserve) surrounds these cabins, offering a wealth of additional fishing spots and public lake access areas. Click here to find out more about what Haliburton Forest has to offer.

Each of these cabins comes equipped with a canoe, perfect for exploring the serene waters and discovering new fishing spots. Whether you’re casting from the shore or paddling out to deeper waters, these cabins provide everything you need for a memorable fishing adventure.

Tranquil Days on the Fall River

Situated by the peaceful Fall River, Ember and Juniper cabins in Lanark are perfect for fishing enthusiasts. The calm waters are home to various fish species, ideal for a quiet day casting from the shore or using our complimentary canoe. Nearby, Murphy’s Point Provincial Park is also a great spot for fishing.

Backcountry Seclusion in Lanark County

Situated on Mill Lake in Lanark County, our Mica and Rhya cabins provide a secluded retreat with exceptional fishing opportunities. This tranquil lake is abundant with northern pike, walleye, and smallmouth bass, perfect for anglers seeking a backcountry fishing adventure.

‘Reel it in’ at Mason Cabin

Located on Little Beaver Lake in Lanark County, Mason Cabin is a tranquil spot for fishing. Here, you’ll find bass, perch, and sunfish, perfect for a peaceful day by the water. Bring your fishing gear and enjoy casting from the shore or exploring the lake by boat for a relaxing fishing experience in nature.

Before you head out, make sure you’ve got a valid fishing license and know the local rules.

Book now and get ready to enjoy Ontario’s beautiful outdoors

Blog written by Rachel Naish

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Pride in the Pines

Pride in the Pines: A Guide to Celebrating Yourself in Nature

Nature is for everyone — A sanctuary where all can find peace and belonging.

This Pride Month, we’re proud to reaffirm our commitment to being an inclusive, safe space for the LGBTQ2S community to celebrate and connect with the great outdoors.

Celebrating Pride in Nature’s Embrace

Pride Month is a time for self-celebration, reflection, and community. What better way to honor this special time than by escaping to nature? Here’s why a getaway to the wilderness can be a perfect way to celebrate Pride.

Inclusivity and Acceptance
The great outdoors is an inherently inclusive space where everyone can feel accepted and celebrated. In nature, there’s a sense of belonging that transcends societal boundaries. The natural world doesn’t judge; it simply exists, providing a serene backdrop where you can be unapologetically yourself.

Adventure and Exploration
For those who crave adventure, nature offers endless opportunities. Whether you’re hiking along scenic trails, exploring hidden waterfalls, or simply wandering through the woods, each experience is a reminder of the beauty and resilience of the natural world. These adventures can mirror the personal journey many undergo during Pride, symbolizing exploration, growth, and discovery.

Physical and Mental Wellness
Spending time in nature is known to have numerous physical and mental health benefits. The fresh air, physical activity, and disconnect from digital distractions all contribute to improved mental clarity and reduced stress. Engaging with nature can boost your mood, enhance creativity, and provide a sense of calm and well-being.

Community and Connection
Celebrating Pride in nature doesn’t have to be a solitary experience. Whether you’re with friends, family, or a partner, the shared experience of exploring the outdoors can strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. Group hikes, picnics by the lake, or evenings by the campfire foster a sense of community and collective celebration.

Rediscover the joy of being you, embraced by the beauty and inclusivity of the great outdoors. This Pride Month, consider trading the urban noise for the serene sounds of nature, and celebrate in a space that honors your unique journey.

Check out our Summer Adventure Guides for each region to find inspiration for your perfect getaway.

Why not turn the festivities up a notch? Imagine savoring a refreshing Pride-themed mocktail while relaxing on the dock, adding a splash of color and flavor to your serene surroundings. Here’s a vibrant and delicious recipe for a Rainbow Refresher mocktail that embodies the spirit of inclusivity and joy.

Rainbow Refresher Mocktail

1 cup red fruit juice (like cranberry or pomegranate)
1 cup orange juice
1 cup pineapple juice
1 cup green apple juice
1 cup blue sports drink (like blue Gatorade)
Ice cubes
Fruit slices for garnish (optional)


Fill a tall glass with ice cubes, which will help to layer the drinks.

Pour the red fruit juice slowly over the ice cubes.
Next, gently pour the orange juice over the back of a spoon to create a second layer.
Repeat the process with the pineapple juice, followed by the green apple juice, and finally the blue sports drink, pouring each layer over the back of a spoon to prevent mixing.

Add fruit slices on the rim of the glass or inside the drink for an extra festive touch.

Plus check out our Cabin Kickback Kit (with optional tie-dye add on!) or Cider and Charcuterie Kit for more memorable experiences.

From all of us at CABINSCAPE,


Blog written by Rachel Naish. Photo contributions by: Bill Alexander, Michael Tan, Andressa Calheira

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Your Ultimate Cabin Snack Guide

Fuel Your Adventure: Delicious Cabin Snacks for Every Getaway

Welcome to the ultimate cabin snack guide, where we explore our favorite treats to enjoy in the great outdoors!

Whether you’re craving crunchy delights, sweets and treats, on-the-go goodies, or cozy ’round the fire favorites, we’ve got you covered for your next wilderness adventure


For those laid-back cabin days, nothing beats a customizable grazing plate. Tailor it to your taste buds, accommodating any dietary restrictions or preferences effortlessly.

Some must-have items include a variety of meats like salami, prosciutto, and speck, alongside an endless array of cheeses, from sharp cheddar to creamy Brie. Don’t forget to pair them with some crusty bread or crackers for the perfect crunch. Enhance the flavor profile with tangy additions such as olives, fig jam, or pickled vegetables, and add a touch of sweetness with fresh fruit or indulgent chocolate.

Prefer not to DIY your own board? We’ve got you covered! Simply add our Cider & Charcuterie Kit to your cabin adventure, and we’ll handle the rest.


We’ve got some irresistible picks to indulge your sweet tooth in the wilderness!

Chocolate: A must-have treat that satisfies every time. We love a variety, from a classic Hershey Bar, to a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, and anything in between! No cabin adventure is complete without a chocolaty sweet treat.

Check out our Irresistible Romance Kit, featuring artisanal chocolate from Ontario’s own Perth Chocolate Works (nearby to our Lanark County cabins!)

Candy: For a burst of fruity flavor, you can’t go wrong with Fuzzy Peaches and Swedish Berries. Looking for a low-sugar option? Smart Sweets are a great choice that doesn’t skimp on taste.

Dipped, Drizzled or Covered “Anything”: Give us a chocolate, yogurt or caramel dipped snack and we’re satisfied! Some of our favourites include pretzels, almonds and popcorn

These sweets and treats are sure to add a touch of indulgence to your cabin getaway, making every moment a little sweeter.


Having the right on-the-go snacks is essential to fuelling your adventures. For a quick energy boost on hikes, day trips, paddling excursions, and any other outdoor escapade, here are our favorite snacks to bring along…

Trail Mix: A perfect blend of nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate—the sky is the limit! Make your own at home or purchase a pre-made mix!

Pro tip–Our NEW Cabin Kickback Kit includes ready-made Trail Mix, in perfectly portioned pouches for easy packability.

Protein & Granola Bars: For a convenient option that doesn’t take up a lot of space, pack a granola bar or two for the journey.

Jerky: For a quick boost of protein that doesn’t require refrigeration. Plus, jerky comes in all kinds of delicious and unique flavours!

Whether you’re paddling the Fall River or exploring the serene Haliburton Forest trails, these convenient snacks are your go-to companions for all your wilderness endeavors.


When it comes to satisfying those crunchy cravings in the great outdoors, we have a few faves…

Potato chips: A classic, must-have! Offering that classic, salty goodness that everyone loves. (We’re loving Canadian Hardbite Kettle Chips, right now!)

Pretzels: Always a hit, with their satisfying bite and just the right amount of salt.

Veggie Sticks: For a healthier crunch, we like carrots, celery, and bell peppers dipped in hummus add a fresh and tasty twist to your snack lineup.

Popcorn: A light and airy treat that’s perfect for sharing around the cabin, whether you’re watching the sunset or telling stories by the fire.

These crunchy delights are sure to keep everyone happy and satisfied during your cabin adventure.


There’s no better way than to end the day gathered around the campfire. Roasting marshmallows and sharing stories from the day’s adventures. Here are a few of our favourite fireside recipes:

S’mores: This tried-and-true classic is essential for any cabin getaway. All you need is graham crackers, a toasted marshmallow and chocolate!

S’moreomels: A CABINSCAPE exclusive recipe! Think classic S’mores remixed with Oreos and Caramilk bars. Check out the recipe here.

Unconventional Roasting: Thanks to social media we have officially tried the trending roasted Rice Krispie & roasted Timbit trends and we can say both are as delicious as they sound! A must-try during your next CABINSCAPE getaway.

As the flames dance and the stars twinkle above, these fireside recipes are sure to make memories that last a lifetime, adding the perfect sweet ending to your day of adventure.

So, pack your bags and head out to our cabins for an unforgettable escape filled with delicious snacks and local flavors! Book your escape now

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Ontario Maple Season Guide

Celebrate the Sweetness of Maple Season

Maple season is upon us and there is no better time of year to adventure to one of our tiny cabins and enjoy all the Maple goodness the local towns have to offer!

Celebrate the sweetness of Spring by visiting sugar bushes, tapping trees, eating delicious treats, and exploring the quaint regions of Ontario while on your tiny cabin adventure!


In the heart of the Ottawa Valley, Lanark County is touted as the ‘Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario’ and it’s not hard to see why!

Temple’s Sugar Bush in Lanark features a Pancake House Restaurant with a Maple breakfast special, a shop and a nature trail through the picturesque surrounding forest and gardens. Visit Perth, Ontario’s Festival of the Maples on Saturday, April 27th, 2024 which boasts an artisan food market, retail attractions, and lots of live entertainment.

Plan a trip during Ontario Maple Weekend from April 6th-7th. Various producers show how syrup is made while offering free samples of fresh maple syrup and confections. Enjoy a pancake breakfast, sugarbush trails, demonstrations, taffy on snow, horse-drawn sleigh rides, and more!

Throughout the year, visitors can savour the flavours of Lanark County and enjoy the virtual Sip & Savour Trail for chocolate, craft spirits, beer/cider, fine cuisine, and delicious delicacies.



If you are staying at one of our Haliburton locations in March or April, be sure to check out our Canadian Maple Experience!

For a great adventure with the whole family, pack the kids up for some March Break Maple Magic. Geared towards kids of all ages, on this 2+ hour experience, you’ll hear the ins and outs of maple syrup production, follow the impressive journey from sap to syrup, check out a real sugar shack, eat a pancake meal and of course, sample some sweet treats!

For adults, make your way to Haliburton Forest Base Camp for a sap and tap experience like no other! Hike through the sugar bush, peek inside the rustic sugar shack, and take away interesting insights from the impressive journey from sap to syrup, all while tasting various local maple products. Finish it off with a maple flavoured alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage!



For a truly rural experience, the charming family-fun Roost Farm is only a few minutes away from our Cabinscape Kawarthas cabins.

Enjoy a 5km walking tour of the property while surveying their maple bush and production process. Book a Roost Experience, or enjoy shopping their fresh seasonal produce, honey, farm-made preserves and local artisan gifts and products.



Our Joni Cabin in Pakenham lives right next door to Cartwright Springs Brewery where our guests can enjoy Maple Porter & Carbonated Maple Sap available starting mid-March! Opt-in for a tasting made specifically for thirsty visitors who want to try it all! Stay for an in-depth Brewery Tour where stops include their on-site maple taps. Don’t forget the Artist Fair at the brewery the first weekend of April for more seasonal events and fun!

Nearby Fortune Farms in Almonte is gearing up for its 52nd Maple season and features tours and trails, and a shop that sells everything from maple sugar to maple vinegar!



For a limited time, our popular mystery road trip & cabin-hopping experience now features sweet maple stops along the way. Enjoy every drop of this new route on this surprise 2-day itinerary.

Originally designed for groups of two, this package has now expanded to accommodate families (one additional guest over the age of 12 or two additional guests 12 and under) Consider this an exciting surprise for the whole clan!


Photo Credits:,, @essoncreekmaple,, Piper’s Rescue Adventure