Cabin Chaser Package

From: $595.00

Virtual Itinerary starting at $595 | Mailed Itinerary & Gift Set starting at $725

Are you ready for an adventure? Cabin Chaser is a two-night mystery road trip and cabin hopping experience designed specifically for two guests or a family with young adventurers! Choose one of our three routes & then gear up for an unforgettable winter getaway!

Your adventure awaits…

These surprise itineraries are custom developed for every reservation, with stops starting right from your home base. Pit stops include foodie favorites, small town farms, incredible vista views, cute local shops, and cozy hangouts to get you out and about this winter! We are excited to offer three unique routes for Cabin Chaser bookings. See the details of these routes below, and simply select your preferred option upon check out.

  • Ottawa Valley Route | Recommended for those located close to Ottawa & east of the GTA, this route will take you from the maple capital of Canada, Lanark County, to the mountainous ranges of Calabogie, ON. Guests should be aware that this trip requires guests to hike-in a distance up to 1km with gear. Sled & snowshoes are provided at each overnight stop.

  • Highlands Route | Best suited for those in the GTA or further North, this route will guide you from your home-base to our cabins in the Kawarthas, up to Haliburton Forest Wildlife Reserve near Minden, ON. Guests should be aware that while no hike-in is required for this trip, booking a time for our Haliburton Forest shuttle service upon arrival is required (the shuttle fee is waived for all Cabin Chaser guests).

  • *SEASONAL* Lanark Maple Route | From early-March to mid-April take full advantage of sugar season in the Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario, Lanark County! Our expert guides will prepare a maple trail specifically curated for you & your adventure crew, so you have the opportunity to tap the sap, try locally crafted maple products, and explore the sugar bush while the season is in full swing. Guests should be aware that this trip requires guests to hike-in a distance up to 1km with gear. Wagon/sled & snowshoes are provided at each overnight stop.

At checkout you will have the option to select whether the experience is for a group of two or for a family. Please keep in mind, reservations are limited to one additional guest over the age of 12 or two additional guests 12 and under. The cabins are equipped with one queen bed & one twin bed. Groups of three or four should be prepared to share beds prior to booking.

All Cabin Chaser trips include:

      • A customized digital itinerary for a three day (two night) road trip in Southern Ontario, with two to five surprise stops per day* (pet friendly suggestions available at additional cost)
      • One night waterfront accommodation at your first location
      • One night accommodation at your second location (either waterfront OR featuring a scenic view)
      • Road trip gift box with hard copy itinerary (optional add-on)
          • Two limited edition “Cabin Chaser” camping mugs (mailed kit exclusive)
          • Two CABINSCAPE ribbed trail toques (mailed kit exclusive)

How to Book

1) Select  2-nights from our booking calendar
2) Choose either Virtual or Mailed Itinerary/Gift Set
3) Choose whether your trip is for two or for a family
4) Choose your route
5) Wait for you your custom itinerary (sent within 1 week of arrival)


This trip requires 48 hours notice before arrival in order to prepare your custom itinerary.


Please note that some stops may require an entrance fee or donation. These are not included in the package fees. This package is available for two sequential nights only. Additional nights can be added at an additional cost. To add nights to your reservation, please reach out to for availability.

Please note the Family Experience is limited to 3 guests over 12.

Required for our team to custom develop your road trip starting from your homebase


1 Queen Bed
1 Twin Bed
Indoor Toilet
Fan and Heat
Mini Fridge
40L of Drinking Water
Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil, Sugar & Coffee
Patio Furniture
Mini Library

*There is NO running water at these cabins until the Victoria Day long weekend.


Our eco-cabins are completely OFF-GRID. (Don’t let this scare you). Our cabins are modernized and solar powered with electricity and heat. Feel good knowing that you’re choosing a low-carbon, eco-friendly getaway. With off-grid cabins, energy conservation is key. Drawing too much energy may cause you to lose power, so you’ll need to be mindful of your consumption during your stay. All our cabins have a back-up generator when solar power is low.


All garbage and recycling must be packed up and taken home on your departure.


  • The Highland route requires winter tires and may require a hike in of up to 300m. The Ottawa Valley route may requires winter a hike-in of up to 1km.
  • Our cabins do not have running water for the rest of the season (until the Victoria Day long weekend). 40L of potable water is provided for drinking and dish washing.
  • Fishing is not permitted at these locations.


How far do I have to travel?

Each trip is customized for each reservation based on your homebase location. The trip will feature overnight stops en route to your location. It takes under 2 hours (140km) to get from the first overnight stop to the second overnight stop, but keep in mind, there will be recommended stops along the way.

PLEASE NOTE: We require 48 hours notice (i.e. 2 business days) to prepare these custom itineraries.

Can I bring my pup?

Yes! While we typically do not allow pups on our Kawartha property, we are making a special exception for guests who want to bring their pups on this adventure. Be sure to select the “pet pal” option during booking, so we can ensure your itinerary is developed with your furry friend in mind!

When do I have to leave?

Ultimately, it’s up to you! All our itineraries feature 3-5 stops per day, and while we recommend getting an early start to take advantage of the opportunity to fully explore each stop, by no means is it required. The relevant details and operating hours for each stop are listed in your itinerary, so you can make a decision what will work best for you. Cabin Chasers are welcome to check into their cabins as early as 3PM, meaning the earlier you make it to the site, the more you can explore the beautiful lakes and trails on our property!

How do I prepare?

We will send your custom itinerary 5-10 days before your visit, with details on approximately how long each stop will take. While there will be surprise stops along the way, we will highlight any recommended stops that require pre-booking (and provide details on how to book). It is the guest’s responsibility to coordinate the arrangements for these particular stops.

Beyond that, guests simply need to pack for their adventure. Our recommended list includes:

  • Your own food & drink
  • Your own towels, sheets, pillows, pillow cases and blankets
  • Firewood 
  • Bug repellent
  • Hand sanitizer

What if I need assistance during my stay?

We are always a text or email away for any questions or assistance. Our on-call property manager lives nearby and can be available on-site when needed.

Will I have access to running water or a shower during my stay?

No. Our cabins do not have running water in the winter months. We provide 40L of water for dish washing and drinking.

Can I bring additional guests?

Yes, but the baseline adventure is designed to accommodate 2 guests. One additional guest over 12 or two guests 12 and under are also permitted provided the “Family Experience” option is selected at checkout. If you are bringing a pup, please select the “Pet Pal” option at checkout.

Is there WIFI or cell service?

There is NO WIFI access at our cabins. There is reliable cell reception. However, access to data is slow and spotty. Don’t plan on having a Zoom meeting during your trip.

What electronics can I use at the cabin?

There is one outlet in the kitchen for charging your phone and laptop but charging multiple phones / laptops will drain the cabin’s battery quickly. We DO NOT recommend using the outlet for high voltage items like hairdryers, coffee makers, kitchen appliances, etc. This is a low voltage outlet and power outages will result. Health-related items like CPAP machines cannot be accommodated at our cabins. Feel free to reach out to for clarification on what machines/electronics can be used at our cabins. 

Are there bugs or critters?!

You bet. Depending on the season, you’ll encounter bugs of all sorts. Bugs, rodents and wildlife are a reality of the wilderness. Guests should come prepared with bug spray and proper protective attire. Ticks have also been a major issue across Ontario. Please do your research ahead of time and learn how to properly check yourself for ticks. 

While we do our best to protect our cabins from pesky critters by having them seasonally sprayed, critters can sometimes find their way into the cabin. That’s why it’s important to keep your food sealed and stored. If you’re squeamish around bugs or critters, you may want to consider another kind of getaway.