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Contract – Cabin Cleaners (2) | Dysart et al, ON

Contract – Maintenance Worker | Dysart et al, ON


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Cabin Cleaners (Haliburton area)


Accepting applications until Nov 10, 2020


Starting date: End of November

Job Description
Cabinscape is seeking two reliable and adventurous local cleaners to join our growing hospitality team. You’ll be responsible for cleaning 3 tiny cabins (160 sq/ft) off Kennisis Lake Road in Dysart et Al. You’ll have a keen eye for detail, a friendly and professional demeanor, and a knack for creative problem solving. This job requires 3-4 shifts a week with back-to-back cabin cleans. In winter, all these cabins are hike-in only (between a 5-10 minute hike). You’ll be required to snowshow into these cabins. Cleaners must have the physical stamina required for this kind of outdoor position. Snowshoes provided.

Duties + Responsibilities
– Ensuring the cabin and property is in tip top order: making beds, cleaning surfaces, sweeping and mopping, cleaning and changing toilets, shoveling deck, restocking supplies, etc.
– Bringing home and laundering tea towels and fitted sheets  (you’ll be compensated for this task)
– Maintaining cabin’s stock/supplies and reporting when supplies are low
– Picking up supplies on occasion (most supplies are delivered to your door via Amazon)
– Performing monthly deep cleans as needed
– Managing tasks and reports via an online / app interface

Requirements + Qualifications
– High school diploma or equivalent
– Experience in the housekeeping or hospitality industry 
– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
– Friendly and hospitable 
– Digitally competent with access to a cell phone 
– Love of the outdoors 
– Experience in off-grid living a bonus!
– Access to your own vehicle is required

– Available for year-round cleanings / 3-4 shifts a week (it takes about 1-2 hours per cabin shift)

Compensation + Perks
– Part-time position; no benefits 
– $50/per cabin cleaning in the Spring/Summer & Fall
– $60/per cabin cleaning in the winter months
– Free cabin accommodations! We want you to know our cabins inside and out. This means staying over at our cabins and getting the full Cabinscape experience.  




Contract Maintenance Worker (Haliburton Area)


Accepting applications until Sep 15th.


Starting date: ASAP

Brief Job Summary 
Cabinscape is seeking a reliable, on-call maintenance person with strong problem solving skills to maintain multiple tiny cabins (160 sq/ft) in Haliburton Forest. Our first cabin opened this summer on Bone Lake. A second cabin opened in September. Three more cabins will open in November in Haliburton Forest. Experience in off-grid systems, plumbing and propane fixtures is required. Training provided. Vehicle required. Starting ASAP. Cabins will be open year-round.

Full Job Description 
Do you love the outdoors? Working with your hands? Do you thrive in jobs where no day is the same? As our skilled maintenance person extraordinaire, your primary responsibility will be assisting in keeping our cabins in tip top shape. Your responsibilities will include a wide variety of activities such as general cabin repairs, construction assistance, preventative maintenance, and emergency guest assistance. Being reliable and self-motivated with a keen eye for detail is essential in this job. You should have the manual dexterity and physical stamina necessary for this kind of work.

Duties + Responsibilities
-Install or repair necessary equipment as needed
-Check control panels and electrical wiring (12V, solar and 110V) to identify issues
-Complete regular maintenance tasks, such as generator maintenance, cleaning water intakes, sanding and refinishing
-Inspect and troubleshoot various equipment and systems (12V electrical, gas appliances, plumbing fixtures)
-Perform minor fixes, such as repairing broken locks, damage to walls, etc.
-Manage tasks and reports via an online / app interface
-Respond quickly and interact with guests to assist with issues
-Occasionally perform necessary cleaning activities, such as dusting, mopping, trash removal, etc.
-Deliver water and propane to backcountry locations in winter (snowshoeing with sled or with snowmobile)

Requirements + Qualifications
-Working knowledge of 12 volt wiring, solar power, plumbing, and electrical systems
-Experience working with tools, including hand and electrical tools
-Ability to read and utilize technical manuals and drawings
-Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
-Friendly and hospitable 
-General passion for creative problem-solving
-Love of the outdoors and a solitary work environment
-Digitally competent with access to a cell phone 

-Flexible hours that may include weekends, nights, short shifts and long shifts
-On call availability, in addition to normal hours 

Compensation + Perks 
-$30/per hour
-Free cabin accommodations! We want you to know our cabins inside and out. This means staying over at our cabins and getting the full Cabinscape experience.  



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