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Your Ultimate Cabin Snack Guide

Fuel Your Adventure: Delicious Cabin Snacks for Every Getaway

Welcome to the ultimate cabin snack guide, where we explore our favorite treats to enjoy in the great outdoors!

Whether you’re craving crunchy delights, sweets and treats, on-the-go goodies, or cozy ’round the fire favorites, we’ve got you covered for your next wilderness adventure


For those laid-back cabin days, nothing beats a customizable grazing plate. Tailor it to your taste buds, accommodating any dietary restrictions or preferences effortlessly.

Some must-have items include a variety of meats like salami, prosciutto, and speck, alongside an endless array of cheeses, from sharp cheddar to creamy Brie. Don’t forget to pair them with some crusty bread or crackers for the perfect crunch. Enhance the flavor profile with tangy additions such as olives, fig jam, or pickled vegetables, and add a touch of sweetness with fresh fruit or indulgent chocolate.

Prefer not to DIY your own board? We’ve got you covered! Simply add our Cider & Charcuterie Kit to your cabin adventure, and we’ll handle the rest.


We’ve got some irresistible picks to indulge your sweet tooth in the wilderness!

Chocolate: A must-have treat that satisfies every time. We love a variety, from a classic Hershey Bar, to a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, and anything in between! No cabin adventure is complete without a chocolaty sweet treat.

Check out our Irresistible Romance Kit, featuring artisanal chocolate from Ontario’s own Perth Chocolate Works (nearby to our Lanark County cabins!)

Candy: For a burst of fruity flavor, you can’t go wrong with Fuzzy Peaches and Swedish Berries. Looking for a low-sugar option? Smart Sweets are a great choice that doesn’t skimp on taste.

Dipped, Drizzled or Covered “Anything”: Give us a chocolate, yogurt or caramel dipped snack and we’re satisfied! Some of our favourites include pretzels, almonds and popcorn

These sweets and treats are sure to add a touch of indulgence to your cabin getaway, making every moment a little sweeter.


Having the right on-the-go snacks is essential to fuelling your adventures. For a quick energy boost on hikes, day trips, paddling excursions, and any other outdoor escapade, here are our favorite snacks to bring along…

Trail Mix: A perfect blend of nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate—the sky is the limit! Make your own at home or purchase a pre-made mix!

Pro tip–Our NEW Cabin Kickback Kit includes ready-made Trail Mix, in perfectly portioned pouches for easy packability.

Protein & Granola Bars: For a convenient option that doesn’t take up a lot of space, pack a granola bar or two for the journey.

Jerky: For a quick boost of protein that doesn’t require refrigeration. Plus, jerky comes in all kinds of delicious and unique flavours!

Whether you’re paddling the Fall River or exploring the serene Haliburton Forest trails, these convenient snacks are your go-to companions for all your wilderness endeavors.


When it comes to satisfying those crunchy cravings in the great outdoors, we have a few faves…

Potato chips: A classic, must-have! Offering that classic, salty goodness that everyone loves. (We’re loving Canadian Hardbite Kettle Chips, right now!)

Pretzels: Always a hit, with their satisfying bite and just the right amount of salt.

Veggie Sticks: For a healthier crunch, we like carrots, celery, and bell peppers dipped in hummus add a fresh and tasty twist to your snack lineup.

Popcorn: A light and airy treat that’s perfect for sharing around the cabin, whether you’re watching the sunset or telling stories by the fire.

These crunchy delights are sure to keep everyone happy and satisfied during your cabin adventure.


There’s no better way than to end the day gathered around the campfire. Roasting marshmallows and sharing stories from the day’s adventures. Here are a few of our favourite fireside recipes:

S’mores: This tried-and-true classic is essential for any cabin getaway. All you need is graham crackers, a toasted marshmallow and chocolate!

S’moreomels: A CABINSCAPE exclusive recipe! Think classic S’mores remixed with Oreos and Caramilk bars. Check out the recipe here.

Unconventional Roasting: Thanks to social media we have officially tried the trending roasted Rice Krispie & roasted Timbit trends and we can say both are as delicious as they sound! A must-try during your next CABINSCAPE getaway.

As the flames dance and the stars twinkle above, these fireside recipes are sure to make memories that last a lifetime, adding the perfect sweet ending to your day of adventure.

So, pack your bags and head out to our cabins for an unforgettable escape filled with delicious snacks and local flavors! Book your escape now

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Your Early-Spring Outdoor Bucket List

Spring Awakening: Your Essential Guide to Early-Season Outdoor Adventures

As we emerge from the grip of winter, the shoulder season is upon us! This is your guide to embracing the wild wonders of nature during these transitional months, packed with exciting activities to keep you outdoors and loving every muddy minute of it.


Early Spring hiking offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature as we transition into a season of renewal.

Our Guide to the Best Hiking Trails will help you plan your route.

From there, enhance your outdoor adventure by including a scavenger hunt, perfect for families and solo hikers alike. Enjoy observing the emergence of new plant life and listening to the melodies of the forest. Kids will love playing “Eye Spy”, discovering the sights and sounds of the wilderness. While adults may enjoy a slower pace, turning their hike into a mindful meditation surrounded by the tranquility of the forest.

Don’t forget to gear up the muddy, wet and occasionally icy terrain with waterproof boots!

Jumping in puddles is optional (but definitely encouraged!)


As the lakes begin their spring thaw, consider adding cold plunging to your outdoor activity list.

Beyond the exhilarating rush, cold plunging offers numerous benefits for both physical and mental health, such as improved circulation, heightened alertness, enhanced mood and lower anxiety levels.

Our waterfront cabins are the perfect location to practice plunging, with the lake just steps from your door.

Be sure to exercise caution whenever cold plunging and always go with a buddy!


March & Early April is Maple Season in Ontario. Celebrate the sweetest season of all with a visit to the Sugar Shack to check out how sap is collected and produced into the sticky, sweet deliciousness we all know and love. With all four of our regions featuring nearby Maple activities, this is one experience you won’t want to miss out on.

For more inspiration be sure to check out our detailed Maple Season Guide.


With temperatures becoming less frigid, early Spring is an excellent time to bundle up and head outside gaze up at the stars. With several celestial events on the horizon this season you won’t want to miss out on the awe-inducing beauty of staring up at the night sky!

Get out of the city and head to one of our remote cabin locations which provide the perfect, unobstructed backdrop for viewing the stars and constellations.

Upcoming celestial events include:

For more details check out our Guide to Star Gazing in Ontario


Let nature spark your creativity! When weather conditions aren’t ideal consider an indoor craft inspired by the great outdoors.

Cabin crafts are for adventurers of all ages and can include:

  • Colouring, drawing & sketching
  • Fibre arts such as knitting and crochet
  • Needlepoint & embroidery
  • Painting

Kids (and kids at heart) will love creating a Leaf Collage. During a hike collect fallen leaves of varying kinds and bring them back to the cabin. Spend time arranging the leaves into a collage and use a glue stick to stick them to your paper of choice. The perfect souvenir to take home from your trip!


Early spring is a great time to explore the local wonders of the region, visit small towns, farms, provinicial parks and partake in unique activities.

Fan Favourite:
The Wolf Centre in Haliburton Forest. This self-guided experience offers educational exhibits on wolf behaviour and ecology. Be sure to visit the observatory where you may even catch an exciting glimpse of the forest’s Wolf Pack!

Local tourism sites are a great resource when planning the perfect, early-spring getaway. Each of our four regions, Lanark, Calabogie, Haliburton and Kawartha offer a wide range of local experiences and activities for you to enjoy.

Grab your boots and your sense of adventure, because the shoulder season is calling! Embrace the mud, the challenges and most importantly embrace the beauty of early spring in all it’s untamed glory.

Ready to turn your early spring daydreams into reality? Our cozy cabins offer the perfect sanctuary to reconnect with the great outdoors. Reserve your time in nature and let the rejuvenating magic of early spring unfold around you.

Blog by: Rachel Naish & Photo Credits: Zach Washburn, Sarah Vander Zaag, Vanessa Moniz