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Your Off-Grid Winter Cabin Road Map

Your Guide to Preparing for an Off-Grid Cabin Adventure

Embarking on a winter getaway to an off-grid CABINSCAPE Cabin in Ontario promises a unique blend of adventure and tranquility.

To ensure your getaway is as cozy as it is adventurous, here’s a guide to help you prepare for the ultimate winter retreat!


Discover the thrill of off-grid living with CABINSCAPE, where our cabins aren’t just cabins—they’re gateways to your own personal adventure. Dive into the excitement with our various remoteness levels: LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH!

Each level paints a unique canvas for your cabin experience. Are you the trailblazer, hiking into the heart of nature? Or the road warrior, driving up to your woodland haven? The choice is yours!

For our hiking enthusiasts, we’ve got you covered! 🥾 Grab a pull-wagon or sled provided by CABINSCAPE and make your journey to the cabin an adventure of its own.

Visit our Remoteness Level Blog for more info!

Looking to add a thrill? Try our Haliburton Shuttle!

Travel to your cabin in style with our 4WD shuttle delivery! This is available for our Haliburton Base Camp Cabins (Moss, Pine, Sage, Ivy, Jade) and our Haberman Road High Remotness Cabins (Willow, Cove, Kaya, Big Rock, and Quasi).

*The shuttle service is a pre-paid and scheduled add-on, with availability dependent on Haliburton Forest road access and weather conditions.


📩 ONE week before your reservation, our Welcome Email – packed with all the crucial details like directions, check-in instructions, and a link to your Cabin’s House Manual—will hit your inbox!

Got burning questions before the big day? Reach out to us at We’re here to make your getaway seamless!


Sometimes the most difficult part of taking a trip is knowing what to pack. At Cabinscape, we make the process of packing as simple as possible.

Read HERE for our essential packing list for your tiny cabin travels!

Winter Tip: Pack Layers!

Ontario winters can be chilly, so bring warm, moisture-wicking clothing, insulated boots, and don’t forget your coziest socks and mittens. A good quality winter jacket and hat are also essential for keeping warm during outdoor activities.


Due to the freezing of our nearby lakes, the taps and showers are turned off for the winter season. Rest assured that we provide ample potable water (in large 20L dispensers) for drinking and washing up dishes!

What about the call of nature? Our indoor toilets feature eco-friendly composting toilets- no water required! Visit this BLOG to take a peak at what our washrooms look like!

Our cabins are built for cozy, winter days! Super insulated, with a thermostat on the wall to set your cabin at just the right temperature.

With our solar panel system, if the sun hasn’t been able to shine due to cloud cover or snow, you might need to pop on the generator for a few hours to supplement the cabin’s power!

We provide detailed instructions and a handy how-to video in the welcome package.


Our cabins pack a ton of excitement into a small footprint, with the kitchen, mini library, and board games, but the real fun lies right outside the front door! Endless hiking opportunities (or snowshoeing with our complimentary 2 pairs!), sights to see, adventure activities, and more! Check out our detailed adventure guides for each region for a taste of what the local area has to offer:

By preparing with these tips, you’ll be ready to embrace the beauty of the winter wonderland, creating memories that will linger long after the snow has melted. So, bundle up, breathe in the crisp winter air, and get ready for a winter retreat like no other!

Written by Sarah Vander Zaag