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Back to Basics: How to Get Back into a Routine

Back to Basics: How To Get Back into a Routine

As the leaves slowly begin to turn, the tinge of autumn wafting in is a gentle reminder for all of us to get back to basics. Oftentimes that means getting back into a healthy routine as the hustle and bustle of summer with its long days and endless adventures begins winding down.

Following a routine has been shown to greatly improve physical and mental health. Here are our top tips on getting back into a routine this season!

Decide what to include in your routine

The most difficult part of starting anything new can often be the beginning. What do I want my optimal routine to look like? Start by thinking of what you already do consistently every day (can be a task as small as brushing your teeth). Then add and prioritize what is most important to you, whether that means adding some alone time, time for exercise, or time to make a healthy home-cooked meal throughout the day. 

If this feels overwhelming, try the practice of habit stacking. Add your new healthy routine tasks or habits to existing tasks or routines you follow every day. Combine your morning coffee with a walk or catch up on the day’s news while brushing your teeth. Setting small attainable goals for yourself will also help keep you on track and motivated!

Write it down

Though it might sound a little too simple, taking time to write out your routine will greatly help you stick to it. Be as detailed as possible to account for your time. Try using a calendar and write your tasks like you would appointments. The act of physically writing tasks down can also be meditative and release anxiety about all the tasks that need to be accomplished. 

Stick with It

We’ve all heard that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Although there’s some disagreement on this number, the best way to form healthy habits and follow a routine is to keep at it! Be consistent and try to stick to the same time every day for your tasks. Make sure you are checking in with yourself regularly and tweaking things as needed for greater success. For example, if you find yourself unable to get out of bed every Saturday morning to clean, change your schedule and adjust to what would work better for you.

Make it FUN!

Routine doesn’t have to be BORING! Though daily tasks can seem repetitive, there are ways to shake it up. Find a new workout buddy or an awesome playlist/podcasts to listen to. Add new things you’ve always wanted to try to your day like learning a new skill like the guitar or taking cooking classes.

Always add breaks in your day and take the time to truly reward yourself for sticking to your routine. Add nature breaks as a treat in your day by taking a walk outside, having your morning coffee on y our porch, or break up your busy work month by taking your next CABINSCAPE adventure!

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Photo credits: @thematthewlai