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BEFORE YOU LEAVE FOR YOUR VISIT: Please check this page for updates.

Our standard cancellation policy is in effect. Any guests who have traveled outside of Canada in the past 14 days, have been in contact with infected individuals, or who are showing symptoms of the COVID-19 virus must reschedule or cancel their visit. If you are no longer able to make your booking or feel you are at risk for transmission, please contact us at bookings@cabinscape.com.

Government of Ontario Documentation: SAFETY MEASURES | ONTARIO REOPENING ROAD MAP

To ensure your safety and the safety of the local communities around our cabins, we strongly advise you to gas up and do ALL your shopping BEFORE arriving, and to always wear a mask if visiting  local establishments during your visit.

Dear Guest,

We look forward to welcoming you to our cabin! Our cabins are an off grid experience. We highly recommend reviewing our House Manual before your visit to help you best prepare. In addition, all guests must review and sign our liability waiver prior to their visit. Please fill out and sign the below waiver and review all of the below information in detail.

Let us know if you have any questions. If you have any questions during your stay, best to send us a quick text.

Our on-site support number is : (289) 206-1193

Have a great getaway!

Laura and John

Current Access/Weather Conditions: This cabin is currently hike-in only unless you have a high-clearance AWD or 4WD vehicle. Due to heavy rain fall and snowmelt, our laneway to the cabin is NOT suitable for low clerance cars at this time. If you have a suitable vehicle, you may follow the “Drive In” sign into the forest (from the parking lot) and keep left until you reach the cabin. If you do not have a suitable vehicle, please park your car in the Sumac Centre parking lot and follow the hike-in sign to the cabin. The hike is 300 metres.

Cabinscape does not take responsibility for any damages that occur to your vehicle or towing expenses if you decide to drive in.

Water: Running water is currently turned ON for the season. We provide 20 litres of drinkable water in jugs. Tap water is NOT drinkable.

BEARS: Be aware, there have been reports of bear sightings in the area. Our cabins are located in the wilderness and you may encounter wildlife during your trip. Please DO NOT leave food (or coolers) out, and educate yourself on how to manage a bear encounter by reviewing this BEAR WISE FACT SHEET.

TENT CATERPILLARS: Be Aware, widespread tent caterpillar outbreaks have been occurring across Ontario over the last few years. We are now seeing many caterpillars emerge on our property this season. Do no be alarmed to see many around our cabin/property. These caterpillars are harmless to humans, but do cause major damage to our tree canopy. Unfortunately, we cannot control mother nature. 

What to bring

  • Your own food & drink
  • Your own towels, sheets, pillows, pillow cases and blankets (in response to Covid-19, we have removed ALL bedding and towels from our cabins)
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Firewood (please review the fire advisories for the area before burning)
  • Lighters
  • Camping chairs 
  • Bug repellent
  • Warm clothing


1140 Derven Lane, Mountain Grove, Ontario
(This will take you to the parking area of the Sumac Centre)
Hike in from here! Even though most of the snow has melted, our driveawy to the cabin is not suitable for cars at this time due to heavy rainfall, ruts and mud.


From Highway 7 (Trans-Canada):

– Turn on Mountain Grove Road for 2.5 km to sharp curve at the Olden Community Centre. The road becomes Long Lake Road.

– 4km, turn right onto McLean Road (gravel) – You’ll see a big sign to Sumac Centre (follow signs to Sumac Centre)

– 3km (to 5 black mail boxes), enter Derven Lane

– 800m to the Sumac Centre

– Arrive at the Sumac Centre Lodge

– You’ll see our Cabinscape sign hanging on a tree on your right-hand side as you enter parking lot

– You can park your car right beside this sign and hike in or follow the sign to the right to drive in when weather conditions permit (follow our recommendations in the big red box above!). This lane is bumpy, drive carefully. Low vehicles are not recommended. It is your responsibility to decide if your car is able to navigate the terrain.


– From the parking lot, walk past the Sumac Lodge (see map attached)

– You’ll see a Cabinscape sign on your right-hand side

– Follow these signs to the cabin (about a 3-5 minute walk)

*If you run into any trouble locating the cabin, head back to the Sumac Lodge and ask Paul (the owner) for assistance OR call/text us


There is a Lock Box beside the door with key inside. When you leave the cabin, please lock the cabin and leave the key inside lock box.


Maps and Manuals

Please review the below maps and manuals in detail: