Calabogie Peaks with Cabinscape

Calabogie Peaks and Cabinscape!

Cabinscape is excited for our first fall and winter at Calabogie Peaks Resort!

This week only*, we are offering a special discount to our Calabogie Peaks friends.
Use the gift code CALABOGIE50 to receive a $50 discount on a Cabinscape reservation.

Our tiny off-grid cabins are the perfect base camp for your Calabogie adventures, offering a private hillside retreat with panoramic views of Calabogie Lake.

Strap on your skis, explore the fantastic trail networks and relax afterwards at the Calabogie Peaks Resort restaurant, bar or spa.

We look forward to hosting you!

*Coupon Expires Friday, October 8th at 11:59pm

Our Calabogie Peaks Cabins

  • Wren Cabin
    Wren Cabin
    From: $179.00
  • Starling Cabin
    Starling Cabin
    From: $179.00
  • Finch Cabin
    Finch Cabin
    From: $179.00

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Other Cabinscape Cabins in Ontario

  • Hawkweed Cabin
    Hawkweed Cabin
    From: $221.00
  • Luna Cabin
    Luna Cabin
    From: $204.00
  • Stonecrop Cabin
    Stonecrop Cabin
    From: $221.00
  • Woodrush Cabin
    Woodrush Cabin
    From: $221.00
  • Aster Cabin
    Aster Cabin
    From: $204.00
  • Cove Cabin
    Cove Cabin
    From: $221.00
  • Big Rock Cabin
    Big Rock Cabin
    From: $211.00
  • Willow Cabin
    Willow Cabin
    From: $211.00
  • Kaya Cabin
    Kaya Cabin
    From: $211.00
  • Sage Cabin
    Sage Cabin
    From: $159.00
  • Pine Cabin
    Pine Cabin
    From: $159.00
  • Moss Cabin
    Moss Cabin
    From: $159.00
  • Mason Cabin
    Mason Cabin
    From: $179.00
  • Mica Cabin
    Mica Cabin
    From: $189.00
  • Juniper Cabin
    Juniper Cabin
    From: $179.00
  • Ember Cabin
    Ember Cabin
    From: $179.00
  • Quasi Cabin
    Quasi Cabin
    From: $221.00
  • Joni Cabin
    Joni Cabin
    From: $169.00
  • Penner Cabin
    Penner Cabin
    From: $201.00
  • Baylight Cabin
    Baylight Cabin
    From: $211.00
  • Bone Cabin
    Bone Cabin
    From: $211.00